Our Manifesto

What Can You Expect From Us?

Exceptional Marketing Systems

The heart of Brainier Brands is about creating a better marketing system for small businesses. No separate marketing and sales processes but a way of uniting all areas of business behind one owner-and-customer-focused marketing system. It’s a journey that we are only a small way along, but we would love you to join us.


Unbiased Strategy

Excellent strategic thinking is the foundation of every decision that the business makes for our clients. We believe that it is critical to start every project with an open mind. The first step is to learn the goals of the business, understand the customer, analyse the environment and develop long-term strategies based on a set of clear choices. We work hard to minimise biases in the strategic decisions made. Brainier Brands does not earn commissions from media or via referrals from other businesses.


A Long-Term Perspective

Where do you want to be in 10 years? We want to work with businesses to achieve their long-term goals. It is not the intention of our company to race through one-off projects but strive to form partnerships with like-minded businesses for the long-term. It is in this environment that we can achieve a deep understanding of a market, their customers and the competitive environment.


Collaborative Thinking

Brainier Brands is not about writing long-winded documents, but the creation of compelling presentations to help businesses and brand owners make significant decisions. By presenting clear processes and using proven methods, we don’t just provide advice but help facilitate collaborative thinking. We promise that you will not work with us and come out thinking the same way.


Exceptional Implementation

It is impossible to be effective without creating an unbreakable link between strategy and implementation. Small business owners cannot always manage everything on their own. So we promise to deliver on our strategic thinking. We are continually looking for tools and processes to help achieve this. Regardless of a clients budget the quality of what we provide must we exceptional – we will never accept any but first rate work. Our standards in most cases being far higher that our clients expectation.



Our Brand Promise

Your Business. At Its Best.

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