Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

My name is Michael and I’m the founder of Brainier Brands.

My marketing career did not have your typical start. It began while working in a formulation lab, developing skincare products for a company called Hamilton Laboratories in South Australia. It was a place where we lived and breathed product development.

R&D departments are often kept at arm’s length from marketing teams, however being part of a small business, we all worked closely together and it gave me the chance to be a part of everything. From the brief to product development, from packaging to branding, from sales to promotion.

For close to 15 years this broad range of product development and marketing experiences continued. I spent the last four overseeing the R&D, marketing and sales departments. I also looked after our online presence, corporate branding and PR activities.

Eventually, Hamilton was sold to an American pharmaceutical company looking to expand into Australia. I then did a brief jump across to managing the marketing for Adelaide’s famous Balfours Bakery before deciding to work for myself.

A clear takeaway from my experiences in these businesses was the belief that a great competitive advantage could be achieved by putting brand-centric thinking across the entire business – not just in relation to the marketing communications but also to the internal culture of the business.

My belief is that to achieve this competitive advantage all elements of product development, marketing, sales and business need to be drawn together into one unified strategic process.

The Brainier Brands Manifesto

What is important to me and the behaviours you can expect.

Exceptional Marketing Systems

I have a dream to create a better marketing system for small businesses.

The heart of Brainier Brands is about developing a process which allows me to deliver on this.

No separate business, marketing and sales plans but a single process which unites all areas of a business behind one owner-and-customer-focused brand.

Unbiased Strategy

I believe that it is critical to start every project with an open mind and a fresh set of eyes.

The first step is to understand the goals of the business, then analyse the market environment and develop long-term growth strategies.

I work hard to minimise biases in my strategic decisions. I do not make commisions from media or via referrals to other businesses.

Long-Term Thinking

Where do you want to be in 10 years? I want to work with businesses to achieve their long-term goals.

It is not the intention of this business to race through one-off projects. I strive to form partnerships with like-minded businesses for the long-term.

It is in this environment that I can achieve a deep understanding of a business, its culture and the competitive environment.

Collaborative Thinking

Brainier Brands is not about writing long-winded documents but the creation of effective presentations to help businesses and brand owners make great decisions.

By presenting clear processes and using proven methods we don’t just provide advice but help with the formation of collaborative thinking.

Implementation Is Everything

It is impossible to be effective without creating an unbreakable link between the strategy and implementation.

Small business owners do not always have the capacity to manage implementation on their own. They are already too busy!

To put it simply, I deliver on my strategic thinking. A plan is put in place and then I work with you to implement.

Our Brand Promise

Your Business. At Its Best.