Good Company Makes A Difference

About Brainier

Brainier Brands is driven by the belief that all businesses should have access to the same quality of marketing support that larger companies take for granted. We research and follow the world’s leading marketing thinkers and business strategy processes and embed this knowledge into everything we do.

The businesses that we work with get to enjoy access to most of the marketing services they will ever require – delivered with unbiased advice. We appreciate that smaller businesses have significant budget and cash flow constraints and have spent years designing our services to make them accessible to everyone.

Our story

Brainier Brands was founded in 2015 to provide marketing consulting to a small group of Adelaide based clients. The marketing services offered have been shaped to a high degree by working closely with this initial group of clients.

The business owner, Michael Blake, began his marketing career focusing primarily on R&D, developing skincare products for a pharmaceutical company called Hamilton Laboratories in South Australia.

Hamilton was a relatively small business, which allowed him to be a part of everything – from the brief to product development, packaging to branding, working with the sales team, and presenting to buying groups.

For close to 15 years, this broad range of product development, marketing and sales experiences continued, including being an active member of the company board.

Eventually, Hamilton was sold to an American pharmaceutical company looking to expand into Australia.

He then managed the marketing for Adelaide’s famous Balfours Bakery before deciding to start his own business.

The focus of Brainier Brands from the beginning has been to provide excellent marketing advice and a wide range of marketing services. The services have been specifically tailored to work well for smaller sized businesses.

Brainier Brands tends not to jump on every new trend, preferring to stick to proven marketing best practices.

We are passionate about developing strategies that leverage the owners’ strengths and passions to create a sustainable competitive advantage for their business.