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Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Welcome to Brainier Brands

My name is Michael and Brainier Brands is the company I started several years ago to allow me to provide marketing consulting services. Like any business that was built from nothing, it has been a journey of successes, failures and lessons learnt. The marketing services that I offer have been shaped to a high degree by working closely with my first group of clients.

My marketing career began with a focus on product development, working to developing skincare products for a company called Hamilton Laboratories in South Australia.

It was a place where we lived and breathed product development with most products that we sold developed in-house. Hamiton was a relatively small business, and this gave me the chance to be a part of everything – from the brief to product development, packaging to branding, to working with the sales team and presenting to buying groups.

For close to 15 years, this broad range of product development and marketing experiences continued. The final four years of this time spent overseeing the R&D, marketing and sales departments. I also looked after our online presence, corporate branding and PR activities.

Eventually, the business was sold to an American pharmaceutical company looking to expand into Australia. I then did a short jump across to managing the marketing for Adelaide’s famous Balfours Bakery before deciding to work for myself.

The focus of Brainier Brands from the beginning has been to provide excellent marketing advice and a wide range of marketing services. The services have been specifically tailored to work well for smaller sized businesses. Although we also love to work with larger enterprises looking for a fresh perspective of how to grow their business – particularly in terms of new products and markets.

Brainier Brands tends not to jump on every new trend, preferring to stick to proven marketing best practices. I am passionate about developing strategies that take into account the strengths of the owners and continuously ask the question – how can I help create a competitive advantage?


Michael Blake

A Few Common Questions

Seriously, What Do You Do?

So imagine that you just employed a marketing manager for your business.

For many business owners marketing is a function they are forced to do part-time, often after hours. Never 100% sure of what to do, it becomes a process of trial and error on what they should do and who they should work with. This process can be stressful, time-consuming, expensive and often ending in an average result.

For our clients, we help manage all their marketing efforts. You never lose control, but you now have someone who is only a phone call away guide you. It is the equivalent of employing a marketing manager for your business. We help determine the marketing objectives of the business, create a strategy to accomplish them, and then work with you to get stuff done.


Why The Big Strategy Focus?

Creating a long term competitive advantage is not easy.

Long-term strategic thinking is hard to achieve when dealing with the challenges of every day. We do not believe we are smarter or more knowledgeable than our clients. What we attempt to do is bring to the table a process for reviewing the business environment and helping owners harness their own strengths. We do this from several different perspectives and then bring it all together in a way that helps a business to be clear on the choices they make. In many cases, the business owners end up making great choices on their own – we simply help facilitate the thinking process.


Our Perfect Customer

So what sort of business do we love to work with?

Our current clients come from a wide range of industries, and we enjoy working with all of them. Ideally, we work directly with the owners of the business. We find this gives us access to knowledgeable people who are in the position to provide quick feedback and are good at getting stuff done.

We prefer to work with businesses that think long-term and are willing to invest in the future. For larger enterprises, we enjoy working with the senior marketer or salesperson who has direct access to the business owner.


Why Brainier Brands?

In a nutshell, why would someone choose Brainier Brands?

Because we will help you with both strategy and implementation and this is very rare. Our experience comes from a combination of University study, working in larger organisations, working with small businesses and also helping individuals start their businesses from nothing. Our approach is honest and pragmatic. We don’t promise to increase your profits by five times in a year or to show you some secret Facebook tactics that no one else knows.

What we will do is review the basics, including your brand and marketing efforts, then help you put in place a range of strategies to build your business. We promise to be there to support you over the long-term as most of our recommendations will require hard work over a period of time – there are no quick fixes.

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