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Brand Strategy

We believe that a great business brand strategy is achieved by developing a simple collection of tools that help lead both the behaviours and identity of a business. It’s more than graphic design and needs to codify the business’s culture and product offers while matching the owners’ vision.

We help businesses conduct a rigorous strategic review followed by leading a simple brand development process. Acting as your guide, we will ensure that you achieve a beautiful outcome that will amplify the business’s strengths, align with customers and allow you to stand out long-term.


The brand concept extends far wider than most businesses will consider when they contemplate undertaking a brand project.

Most emphasise branding – i.e., the visual aspects such as a businesses logo, colours, and slogans. Undoubtedly, this part is fun, but businesses often miss many important elements by jumping straight into the “colouring in” parts.

We start every brand orientated project with an in-depth situational analysis. Like any properly done strategy project, creating a detailed understanding results in superior decisions being made.

While we have worked with businesses looking to create a brand from scratch, for most, they already exist. The brand development process then focuses on clarifying and strengthening the existing brand assets.

Most business owners find this an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.

The self-reflection provides insights into their business that has ramifications beyond what they anticipated at the start of the project. The creative parts, such as graphic design, are no longer open-ended but highly focused.

The result is a cohesive toolbox containing distinctive brand assets, a manifesto to guide the culture of the business and road maps for future product development. Simple yet extraordinarily powerful.

Pricing for brand development projects varies greatly. For many of the projects undertaken (like website design), we blend it into the website design service cost, the same goes for our strategic marketing consulting.

Our experience suggests that the brand development process tends to save businesses money in the long run. As they say, tactics without strategy is a great way to invest time and money while heading in the wrong direction.