The Host With The Most

Website Hosting and Management

What do you expect from a business providing WordPress website hosting and management? Reliability, Speed. Technical Support. Loads of storage space. Competitive pricing.  All these will be high on the list.

Our hosting solution goes far beyond this.

All of the websites we manage are hosted on Australian-based top-tier Google Cloud infrastructure using a carefully chosen selection of premium software. We monitor every website every day and update them as required.

If something goes wrong, we fix it. If you do something stupid, we’ll fix that as well. You worry about nothing because that’s our job.

Since we are based in Adelaide, our hosting solution ensures you have the support of a local. We can meet and discuss your requirements and challenges face-to-face.


We’re pretty proud of the website hosting and management service that we offer for businesses running WordPress.

We have spent years sourcing the best of the best so that you can enjoy a flawless experience without going through the challenges that come with learning about WordPress.

The huge advantage to our hosting services for older websites begins at migration. We don’t just migrate. We clean up and often rebuild. Using your current page layout, graphics and wording, we create a new version of your website using premium WordPress software.

If you have been enduring an old website that has not been updated in years, looks terrible on a mobile device or has no SEO optimisations, the difference in performance can be night and day.

Ultimately our service is a complete package of everything you will need — WordPress Themes, Plugins, Hosting, Monitoring, SEO and Ongoing Management. We look after the lot for one monthly fee.

So if you want all of the great advantages that come from WordPress without any negatives, drop us a note and inquire. We’ll review your website and provide feedback.

If you own a website currently on Joomla, Wix, Weebly, Concrete5 or Squarespace – no problem. We can help you migrate from another CMS.

The Details

Australian Servers

All of our websites reside on Google Cloud Premium Tier servers based in Sydney – providing a low-latency, highly reliable hosting solution. Never worry about storage or visitor limits again.

Your website is also distributed via a blazing-fast CDN. A global network of servers with over 200 data centres around the world. Regardless of your visitor’s location, they will have an exceptional website experience.

Leading Software

On the surface, WordPress might seem like a good option for a DIY website. However, the reality is that with over 10K themes and 30K plugins available – making the right choice can be challenging for the novice.

With Brainier Brands, you can relax. We have done all the trial and error for you and then purchased bulk licences for the best of WordPress, which you get to enjoy immediately.

Technical Support

With years of experience managing WordPress websites, we are pretty good at setting up everything to minimise downtime – either from a software update or a malicious attack on your website.

If something does go wrong we tap into the expertise of over a dozen businesses to ensure the issue is solved as quickly as possible.


Our websites are fast. On average, they will load in about 1.4 to 1.8 seconds when using the GT Metrics Speed Test. This performance is accomplished for every website we manage.

With fast servers, carefully chosen WordPress software, tuning, and expertise in optimising graphics, we promise a fantastic experience for your website visitors.

Software Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your website up to date, WordPress can be time-consuming. Not a week goes by without at least one plugin being updated. With each software update, there is a need to check for compatibility and ensure that no new bugs are introduced.

We manage all the updates for you. We know exactly what to check and, if an issue occurs, how to roll back and problem solve.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor all of the websites that we host with a range of per minute monitors constantly running. If anything goes wrong, we will know about it before you or your customers ever will.

More importantly than just monitoring is the fact that we will get your website up and running again. We’ll do all the troubleshooting and fixing because we don’t just host. We manage.


$ 55 Per Month
  • Local Premium Hosting
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Software Licences*
  • Cloud Flare DDoS and CDN
  • Weekly Software Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • 15 Minutes Updates

Migration Pricing

If you have a relatively simple small business website with a range of “ok” graphics then we will try and migrate your website at no cost.

For really old website we might have a small surcharge to redo your logo and other graphics along with sourcing some new images.

For e-commerce websites and those with really large content databases we will review and provide a quote.

* Software Licences

We bulk buy 95% of the software licences you will ever need and include this cost in our monthly management fee.

If you require special one off software i.e. LMS or additions to WooCommerce, we will provide a quote and let you know of any additional costs in advance.