Think Before You Move

Marketing Consultant

Small Business Marketing Consultant Services designed to create a strategic advantage for you.

Brainier Brands was founded with the vision of providing the best strategic thinking possible for every business we work with, including providing your business with Adelaide Marketing Consultant Services.

It does not matter whether we have been commissioned to do a detailed marketing plan or redesign a website – thinking before moving is the ethos we apply to every service we offer. We enjoy consulting and contributing to a marketing strategy. Every business is unique, and every industry offers its own challenges. The aim is always to find a way of creating a competitive advantage that is sustainable over the long term.

Unlike other marketing consultants, we have not made up some fancy strategic method and given it an equally fancy name. Instead, we searched far and wide for the best thinkers and proven strategic processes and built our service based on their experience.


We follow a mix of proven marketing consulting processes, including the highly acclaimed “Playing to Win” framework by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin that uses the five key choices in a Strategy Choice Cascade. We also use the Value Canvas that features prominently in the Blue Ocean Strategy Book, first published in 2005.

Regarding marketing principles, we are big fans of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. We also enjoy Professor Mark Ritson’s swearing, strategy, and down-to-earth approach to sticking with the fundamentals instead of chasing every new shiny communication toy.

There is a good chance that this will mean very little to you. Nothing. Zero. Zip. And this is probably the way it is meant to be.

Because your business requires you to be trained in another area, one that you are good enough to be paid to do and hopefully something you love doing. And you are hopefully smart enough to know that, just like accounting or legal advice, talking to someone professionally trained is a better choice than watching a few YouTube videos and going DIY.

At least, we think it is and assume that your business relies on people outsourcing to you.

The takeaway for anyone who needs help with their business’s marketing is simple – don’t do it alone when we can support you with a detailed process that generally yields a solid result.

We follow the same process for all businesses and adjust the level of detail depending on the size and budget a business can allocate towards us.

Strategy projects take 2 to 3 months to complete and are best suited to businesses turning over half a million upwards. However, we have a soft spot for helping individuals who choose to go out on their own and start from scratch. Crazy us!

We do not offer quick fixes. Most of our recommendations are designed to create a competitive advantage for the business and may take years to implement. Not that you will be doing it alone, we’ll be there right with you.