Hire A Marketing Professional.

External CMO

Outsourcing is the norm for smaller businesses. Business owners think nothing of hiring a lawyer or using a bookkeeper for several hours a week. The same cannot be said for a business’s marketing requirements.

This tends to be managed in an ad-hoc manner, something done in the evenings or farmed out to other staff as a side role. This might work “ok” initially but tends to fall apart as a business grows. What is also missing from this approach is consistency and a long-term strategy to bind everything together.

Our solution can be transformational for businesses that have never taken a consistent approach to their marketing. It’s like having a new staff member come onboard, fully trained and ready to hit the ground – at a fraction of the cost.


Our approach works similar to hiring a new staff member except without the risks and additional overheads associated with employment.

The process begins with reviewing the scope of work and then estimating the number of hours required. This tends to run from half a day to a full day per week.

From experience, the first few months focus on what we would call a “clean up”. All of the past marketing material is categorised, websites, domains and social media accounts are reviewed. We get familiar with the staff. Everything is organised and professionally documented.

We then quickly shift gears and begin putting together a formal marketing plan for the business, including; market research, diagnosis and a concise strategy. Budgets, KPI’s and a workflow are determined.

It is then very much a process of getting on with the agreed plan. Over time we can adjust the number of hours required by your business.

For some clients, we work from their office and others we work from ours. The flow of meetings and communications is adjusted to match the requirements of the business owners. As we are based in Adelaide, we modify the meeting style for interstate businesses accordingly.

What can you expect? Working with a marketer (unlike an agency) means that we are primarily focused on creating and implementing a strategy to grow your business. We then brief and work with other graphic designers, media and creative agencies as required.

Most agencies do what the brief tells them to do, whereas we will determine what needs to be done.

Cost-wise using our services is significantly cheaper than employing a staff member, even part-time. Pricing starts at around $2500 per month. The big advantage is that more funds can then be directed towards advertising.

For example, a business that had traditionally budgeted $100k toward marketing, including a salary, can now put significantly more funds into purchasing media or other marketing endeavours.

There is a catch. And that is that we only offer the service to a small number of companies. However, if you think the service matches your requirements, drop us a note, and we can discuss our availability with you.