SEO Services Adelaide Overview

Have you ever wondered what happens when you engage a company to perform SEO services on your website?

With us, there is nothing to wonder about.

We enjoy offering SEO Services in Adelaide (Search Engine Optimisation). It looks simple in concept, but in reality, success involves understanding dozens of different factors and pulling them together into a cohesive plan. The search engine environment is continually evolving, and competitors are constantly attempting to beat you with their SEO strategies.

Only about a dozen businesses will see noticeable success from their efforts – as they will receive over 95% of the search traffic. Aiming to get into the top 8 for a relevant Google Search is what we define as success in SEO.

A key challenge and often a source of frustration is that we really have no control over the result. We can influence it – but ultimately, the search engine results are defined by an algorithm determined by dozens of different elements. We know what is important but not everything!

So constant learning, exploration, testing and measuring of results is a key success factor in SEO.

Unfortunately, the legitimacy and credibility of SEO services have been completely wrecked by the constant spamming of every inbox on the planet by dodgy service offers. Stupid promises, lock-in contracts, and service providers who do nothing but send an automated report each month is the norm.

A key element of Brainier Brands work ethic when it comes to our Digital Marketing Services is that we promise complete transparency on what we do, why we do it, and the results we achieve. Sitting down with clients (preferably in person), showing them what is going on and answering their questions is one of the most enjoyable parts of our service.

The following are some of the key areas we focus on when offering our monthly SEO service. It’s not an exhaustive list, and there is more depth to each item than described, but it gives a good snapshot of our overall approach.

Customer Journey Analysis

The buyer behaviour for each category can differ dramatically. For some categories performing strongly in search is critical, and for others, it has almost no impact on success. Understanding how customers purchase from the category is a key factor in determining if it is even worth investing in SEO. The best approach is to perform a detailed customer diagnosis with market research. But the reality is that this rarely happens due to the high cost. However, by asking the right questions and using 3rd party data, we can usually make a good educated guess.

If SEO ain’t worth you investing in, we will tell you – so you can stop wasting valuable time!

The Business Owners’ Objectives and Anticipated Outcomes

We start by understanding what the business requires to perform, how the website can help achieve this and what the new client thinks is a realistic outcome of any SEO services. Understanding the business model and how the business makes money is key. Learning about the aspiration of the owners is just as important.

Our Professional Perspective On Outcomes

Balancing out the client’s perspective is our own. Taking on board their view, we review the website and the competitiveness of the most important keywords. Using SEO analysis software and our experience, we will provide feedback on what we believe are realistic expectations along with how much time and effort will be required.

We will share/explain to you the outcomes of the SEO software analysis.

Keyword Research

This is not a “shotgun ” create-a-list type exercise. For better or worse, most potential customers will start their search using a similar pool of keywords. The aim of this exercise is to determine what are the handful of keywords that generate 80% of the traffic critical to the business.

We then determine what are the most important long-tail keywords that will help support our efforts to rank well for the most important searches for the business.

This is the foundation of a great SEO strategy, and we will share with you some nice Excel Spreadsheets and SEO software reports.

Competitor Research

Research into other websites that currently perform well is not a simple exercise to be done once. We start with an initial review of who is ranking and review their websites along with which pages perform the best – this gives a good starting point.

Over the long-term, we take a deep dive into particular competitors and the content of related websites to refine our tactics on a regular basis – making a note of how the landscape evolves over time.

Website Navigation and Internal Linking Strategy

Just like how the design of a city’s road system is critical for success, we carefully review the navigation structure of your website – in its current form and what it should ideally look like in the future. Not only in terms of a visitor’s user experience but also from the perspective of Mr Google Bot.

This means that we also pay particular attention to the internal linking strategy and structure. This is an extremely important but often ignored element of SEO. Like with fishing – put a single line of string in the water, and it is useless. Tie multiple pieces of string into a net, and the difference is remarkable.

Content Strategy

We have seen the way most SEO services play out. A simple strategy and then the creation of 6 ish articles designed to be clickbait for a range of high traffic keywords. The SEO result is mediocre, and the user experience is rubbish.

We will not do this.

Our content strategy is different for every client as we blend their brand positioning with information designed to help their target market customers. We will then recommend a long-term content building strategy designed to kill three birds with one stone.

  • Make your website a brilliant place for potential customers to visit, explore, learn and buy from you.
  • A wonderful rich network of keyword centric information designed to help search engines understand what types of searches you should rank well for.
  • Create content that allows the business’s brand positioning to be highlighted at every opportunity.

The critical part of the strategy is determining who will create the content (and this, in turn, will impact the monthly charge). The best strategy in the world is of no use if it can not be implemented consistently month-in, month-out long term.

Website Rebuild

We will not engage in SEO services using a website built by another business. This may seem like a huge catch, but this is not the case – it is a significant opportunity to improve your website in ways that go beyond just search engine rankings.

From experience, most are not well optimised for SEO or page loading speed. The time required to clean up an old website is greater than the time required to rebuild it. We do not use the popular Yeost SEO software as there are better options on the market and place a huge emphasis on page load times and the user experience.

If you are unsure on this part, then it is worth talking to us about our logic and how we would manage the process.

Hint – we manage the lot, and this is one of the best parts of our service.

Keyword Tracking

What is the point of all of this work if we do not measure it? As part of our service, we will set up tracking of the keywords related to your website, measured daily. This is far more efficient than attempting to manually check – as often keywords start ranking at positions several dozen pages deep.

This allows us to create an online “visibility measure” for your business that becomes a key metric to measure our performance and the value we create for your business.

Ongoing Website Audits

The aim is to ensure that everything is running well, clean up current errors and ensure no new issues are created with further website updates (both via content additions and software updates).

We will review weekly and share our reports during meetings or as requested.


We rarely just shoot a copy of the automated SEO reports – as this is just lazy and an example of crap communication skills.

Instead, we will custom-write a monthly report on the trends across all the key metrics we measure from Google Analytics, Search Console and Keyword tracking. Our report will also highlight the work we performed on your account.

Our report will be in plain English – with the terminology adjusted to match each client’s technical understanding (and the amount of time they have to read reports).

KPI Dashboard

A sub-part of our reporting is that we will also set up a custom online dashboard of all the key online metrics related to your business. This can include your Website, Google Ads, Social Media and hundreds of other metrics relevant to your business. We will also sit down and train you on what everything means!

Feedback and Business Goal Achievement

Finally, we will listen to your feedback on how everything is going. Our SEO services are not something we “do” to your business. We need to know how many leads your business is generating, the quality of the leads and any other type of feedback. This allows us to tailor the service to exactly meet your requirements.

We rarely do just SEO. To get the best result, we also incorporate Google Ads and other Digital Marketing initiatives (like Facebook and Instagram Ads), and the more complex the campaign, the more critical getting feedback becomes.

Hint – Spreading your budget across several media is proven to be more effective than putting all your budget into one.

What we will not do.

  • We will not write clickbait or listicles (i.e. five summer trends in milkshakes).
  • We will not engage in any type of external link-building.
  • We will not charge you a monthly fee if we do not do any work on your account for that month.
  • We will not lock you into a long-term contract.
  • We will not work in a pay-for-performance format.
  • We will not promise a first-page ranking or guarantee a particular result.

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