Marketing Services

For Start-Ups,  Sole Traders and Small Businesses

Our Business Is Marketing Your Business

Our business is all about providing marketing consulting and services for your business. Over the years, we have helped many new businesses get off the ground, worked with others to refresh their marketing and provided larger companies with a fresh perspective.

Marketing Strategy

Get a fresh set of eyes to review the world your business operates in. Our Situational Analysis process explores the internal culture of the business, helps you understand customers, competitors and the broad environment your business works within.

Its the fundamental start of creating a competitive advantage for your business and we’re pretty proud of the way we do it for small businesses.

Talk to us about our process and how it can help.

As marketing becomes more complex Brainier Brands strives to make it simpler for your business.

Brand Development

Brainier Brands primary focus is to provide great strategic thinking for all of the business we work with, but our passion is brand development. With the experience that only comes from helping numerous businesses through their own journey, we can help guide you.

Going through a brand development process for the first time can be a fantastic experience and we’re the perfect partner to help you get it just right.

The difference in outcome can be dramatic.

Our thinking focuses on leveraging your capabilities to create a long-term competitive advantage for you.

Marketing Services

Brainier Brand can help businesses of all sizes manage their marketing on a regular basis. Outsourcing regular marketing activities and campaigns can be a cost-effective solution, leaving more of your budget for actual advertising.

We look after the creation of beautiful websites, hosting, Google Ads and social media advertising for small businesses. As your business grows we can expand your brand awareness even further with print, radio and TV campaigns as required.

Reach out and talk to us about how we can help.

We seamlessly integrate marketing strategy, brand development and ongoing marketing communications.


Let us help get your idea on the market.

The challenges that a new business faces during the start-up phase are formidable. To get a product or service market ready a key requirement is having a cohesive brand and communication strategy in place – and this needs to be achieved often on a shoestring budget. Entrepreneurs need to wear many different hats and this is where Brainier Brands can help. By providing marketing expertise in a financially controllable way you have access to just the right level of help and have one less hat to juggle.

Sole Traders

Marketing advice and services tailored to you.

Your only making money when you’re on the job. But then you also have to be a part-time accountant, lawyer, sales reps and marketer. Brainier Brands will help you get back on the job by providing a range of marketing services perfect for sole traders. From beautiful websites, managed hosting and access to a wide range of advertising options we probably have what you need already set up and ready to go.

Small Businesses

It’s time to change the way you manage your marketing.

Employing a marketer full time is a significant overhead, go part-time and the quality of talent is reduced dramatically. So why not outsource to a full-time professional marketer but only for the hours you require. Long-term or one project at a time. The money you save can then be invested in advertising and other brand-building activities. It’s the future for small business marketing.

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