Outback Sleepers Australia

Marketing Strategy. SEO Copy.

Outback Sleepers Australia has been a leading manufacturer of concrete sleepers for retaining walls for over 25 years. During this time, they have risen to become one of Australia’s most prominent names in concrete sleeper manufacturing and currently dominate the market in South Australia. Manufactured using their in-house concrete mixing equipment allows them to have complete control over the entire process from raw materials through to casting.

Initially, Brainier worked with Outback Sleepers to finalise a website update – providing the business with formatted images, written content and SEO meta-titles and meta-descriptions. The result has been a high-performing website that ranks well for relevant keywords and communicates the company’s story and products to new customers.

We also worked with Outback Sleepers on a detailed marketing strategy document over 6 months. While our marketing documents’ outcomes are highly confidential, we take pride in taking a thorough but traditional approach when focusing on strategy.

Our marketing strategy begins with a detailed market research analysis – exploring customers, competitors and the business’s internal culture. Recommendations cover everything from brand management, product development, creative briefs and communication recommendations. Often enough to guide a business’s marketing for many years.


We also enjoy helping with small business marketing projects that have gotten – “stuck”. Whether it be a website, brochure or anything else for that matter, we understand that often these projects are peripheral to employees’ core activities. Brainier can hit the ground running and help you get them over the line.

Please feel free to reach out and talk to us about your challenges.

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