Dr Gabrielle Hart

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I need a website, and I need it now – can you help? This is how our conversation started.

As one of Adelaide’s leading Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service providers, Dr Gabrielle Hart needed to move to a new practice location while ensuring that her patients could find her. Appreciating the level of urgency, Brainier managed to have a new custom build website up and running in 5 working days.

Simple and elegant, the site has required very few changes over the years. At times the website does cause a level of frustration for Dr Hart – by often ranking first on Google for the keyword “child psychiatrist”, she gets far too many enquiries to manage.

The beautiful brand identity was created by Clare Richardson Design.

At Brainier Brands, we don’t use templates. Every website design starts with a blank screen, and more often than not, the first draft begins as a paper and pen drawing. We use a combination of commissioned photography and stock art, along with graphics provided by the client’s designer or designs we commission ourselves. Every website we create looks completely different because every client is unique.

Best practice in marketing says that segmenting, targeting, then positioning are the most critical elements of a great marketing strategy. We feel that for small business marketing, understanding the owner is the most important element.

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