Folding Space Furniture

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Folding Space. What a great name.

There is something special about being involved in a project right from the start. But this is what we got to do. And when we say from the start, we mean it. No name. No domain. Nothing but an idea.

The concept came from the owners of the Home Ideas Centre. They observed the need for flexible living spaces and multipurpose furniture in Australia and saw that the furniture required to achieve this was well-established in Europe. They had the place to exhibit the furniture in their Centres. Easy peasy.

Small business marketing is often easier when the client has a blank slate. We started with a document – a strategy document. Based on our collective research, we put together a range of insights and ideas that could drive the brand. Exploring naming ideas, we stumbled across the idea of Folding Space. The name struck a cord, and by wonderful luck, it was available. And when we say available, we took the Business name, the domain name, the Facebook name and the Instagram name.

The brand identity was created by Imogen Landau Design and fits perfectly with the brief.

Brainier designed a website using a modified version of WooCommerce. This allowed the products offered to be selected by category, brand or tag – making it easy to search for a solution by a range of criteria.

All the product pages included folded and unfolded (for want of a better term) images allowing customers to understand better how they work. The Centre also had several demonstration models that allow customers to experience the product quality in person.

Did the small business marketing efforts work? Yes – plenty of awareness was created, lots of consideration and numerous orders were taken over several years. Did the business experiment work long-term? No. Importing from Italy proved to be a hair-pulling experience, and finding local carpenters who could install the furniture was just as challenging.

But we still love the name.

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