Freya Goodhew

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Freya is a Clinical Psychologist who works with adults to help address emotional and mental health difficulties. She seeks to assist clients with navigating life’s transitions and distress, discovering meaning and possibility, and reconnection with their personal values. Freya approached Brainier when she was looking to set up and manage her own practice, requiring a small amount of marketing support to accomplish this. We developed an elegant brand identity and small business website to help achieve her business goals.

A common challenge we face when clients are looking for a new website (or an update) is that they have none of the brand identity material required to accomplish this. Some have a logo. As part of our process, we take a step back and look at creating what we see as the “essentials”. This includes a colour pallet, type, supporting graphics, tone of voice and establishing key wording. Much of our initial work goes into understanding the target market and how to position the business (or individual) – ensuring that the marketing material is perfectly aligned. A little bit of brand strategy goes into every project.

This does not require fancy graphics – it does, however, require a little bit of thinking.

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