Nestlers Home Improvements

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Nestlers Home Improvements is a family-owned business based in Coffs Harbour specialising in roofs, gutters and cladding projects. Their expertise includes restoring and repairing cement, terracotta and Colorbond roofs. They also market their own cladding product called Nestlers Versatile Cladding, which is available across NSW and Victoria.

Brainier originally developed a website and Brand Toolkit for their Versatile Cladding business – soon after requesting us to also design a new website for their Home Improvement business. Using the original website styling and Branding, we quickly turned around a fresh website. Fortunately, they had a solid collection of local professional images.

We would like to think that Mark Nestler’s two businesses now have a consistent presentation while still “selling” their own products. A little bit of Brand Architectural planning goes a long way.

Same same but different. One business unit sells a service, and the other a product – they currently work together. However, the service will always be local, whereas the cladding product has the potential to be national – exciting times.

We could not simply develop a generic small business website. As part of the Brand Identity, we created a range of styled watermark images that could be used for backgrounds – giving the site a unique look and feel. The creation of distinctive brand assets is usually something reserved for larger businesses. Our small business marketing philosophy is to bring big-brand thinking to small business.

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