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Imagami is photographic art as imagined by professional photographer Chris Otto. Imagami was born as a passion project for extending his photographs into beautiful digital art prints. Available for purchase as limited edition prints on canvas or paper using archival inks. Imagami artwork is offered in a range of standard sizes or customised to your requirements for safe worldwide delivery.

Brainier had recently finished a photographic portfolio website for Chris Otto when he came back to discuss his “side” project. Featuring a mesmerising range of visual palindrome-like images, he was interested in setting up an online shop to enable the sale of prints across the world.

What is the business called? We asked. I have no idea answered Chris.

This gave us a clear direction for the first part of the project, which was to name the business. Our starting point was exploring palindromes – which proved harder than we expected as most were taken (the domains) or nonsensical. We finally stumbled across the idea of turning the word “image” into a new palindrome. And Imagami was born.

Copyright and image theft was also a concern for Chris. It is almost impossible to stop someone from taking a screenshot in high resolution – our solution was only to show the whole print as mockups. This gave a great idea of what it would look like in a home but also ensured that the downloaded images were relatively unusable for printing. Over 60 renders were created as part of this project – all presented on elegant modified WooCommerce product pages.

For the brand identity, we only created the black-and-white Imagami wordmark. The word had a beautiful symmetry, and our exploration found that anything more complex in the design simply detracted from the word. The images do all the talking.

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