Parker PreLegal

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Parker PreLegal has a vision to rethink how legal advice can be provided. Their service is designed to provide clients with guidance and legal advice before you would traditionally contact a lawyer or embark on a drawn-out and expensive legal process. They believe that a small amount of sensible, considered, and practical advice at the beginning can significantly impact how much of your time and money you may need to devote down the track.

Business owner Anthony Parker talked with Brainier at length about the concept before even starting the business concept. As part of the initial ideation phase, we extensively researched the industry. We discussed business model ideas – all of this adding to Anthony’s 20 years of expertise practising as a lawyer within the government.

We worked collaboratively with Parker PreLegal to develop a brand identity that reflected his vision for the business but also gave room to grow if the business progressed to offering traditional legal services in the future. Brainier worked hard to ensure that the website had a similar feel of quality to that found in larger, well-established law firms in Adelaide, while also communicating their unique process. A combination of commissioned photography and carefully chosen stock images were used.

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