Philpott Gastroenterology

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Dr Hamish Philpott provides a comprehensive range of services and consulting covering all aspects of gastroenterology. He currently practices out of a range of hospitals and medical practices across Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills region. With an in-depth understanding of modern gastroenterology practices and strong scientific reasoning, he offers the highest quality care for patients and consulting services to health professionals.

A challenge for Dr Philpott was that he had limited control over his online presentation by working across a wide range of hospitals and clinics (and all having their means of representing staff). Hamish required a professional identity and website that would place control of his presentation online with him.

The brief included a request that it would be ideal if we could incorporate his passion for the Adelaide Hills into the design. In response, Brainier developed a simple brand identity for Hamish that included an elegant wordmark and a leaf pattern that could be incorporated into header images.

The project was finished with professional images of Hamish and a website that acted as an online biography and resource hub for patients. The SEO optimisations ensured that the website ranked number one in searches for his name – ensuring that Hamish has the first say in communications about his services.

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