Tom Moore

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Tom Moore works in blown glass and is one of Australia’s most humorous and celebrated glass artist. His practice moves across installations in locations as diverse as galleries and gardens. Tom has given Australian and international audiences access to new creatures in glass and has been responsible for the evolution of countless strange types of hybrid species.

His fantastical world embraces gorgeous birds and animals that have already hybridised with modern automobiles and aeroplanes and is inhabited by exquisite creatures that are morphing to inhabit a universe that seems quite as ominous as it is beautiful.

Cat Pair

The brief was concise. They needed a website that worked and kept on working. It needed to compliment his professional image without overpowering the pictures of his work. The gallery needed to perform as an online archive of his work, and the blog needed to be easily updatable by themselves.

This project was delightful because Tom had, over many years, created a vast library of beautiful photographs of his work – taken by one of Adelaide’s finest photographers, Grant Hancock. We are also very grateful to Tom for allowing us to use several images to profile this project.

The biggest challenge was choosing which photographs to feature on the Homepage – we usually do not use sliders on websites, but this was one time when we could not narrow it down to one piece of artwork.

The Shy One
Giant Mycelium Reverse

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