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The Home Ideas Centre is a family-owned business that exhibits an outstanding range of building and renovating products and services, all on permanent display. The centres were open 7 days a week, and entry was free to the public. It’s a fantastic way to look, touch and experience home ideas in your own way and at your own pace. For decades the Home Ideas Centre in Adelaide and Melbourne were the largest permanent display Centres in each state.

Brainier was contracted to look after the business’s marketing activities, acting as an external CMO, and we did so for over 5 years. Each year we would put together an overarching small business marketing plan that was presented and approved by the business owners. We then put our heads down and went about implementing the plan.

Unfortunately, the owners decided to close the Centres in late 2022. The extended lockdown drove the decision in Melbourne, which saw many exhibitors choose to leave. In Adelaide, the site has been marked for acquisition as part of the Sothern Express Freeway expansion. A shame – as not only did we enjoy working with the brand but also helping the hundreds of businesses that exhibited in the Centre. We always felt like part of the team – even filling in at the desk a few times when they had staff emergencies!

Over the years, Brainier focused on the management of the marketing in a similar fashion to a regular staff member, briefing and working with external designers and advertisers to set up and run numerous campaigns and marketing initiatives. Some of those include:

  • Working with Adelaide-based graphic designer WoodsCannon to extend the brand identity into a visual system that could be used across all communication assets. And they did a brilliant job!
  • Mark Stevens from 3 Bongos provided much of the copywriting, coming up with the “Built Something Beautiful” tagline. He also ensured that the language used in our advertising was perfect.
  • Chris Otto Photographer, regularly toured the Centres, taking beautiful professional photography of each exhibitor’s display.
  • Zest Advertising who created and managed our TV advertising in Adelaide and Melbourne.

A redesigned website provided each exhibitor with their own beautiful customised landing page and digital brochure ordering capability for visitors. Carefully structured SEO services optimised of the website ensured that we ranked number 1 for the keyword “Home Ideas” – outperforming significantly larger domains such are Houzz and Realestate.com.au.

While working with very tight budgets, we still managed to generate numerous TV, radio and digital marketing campaigns – often calling on our good-looking family and friends to be the talent. For many of the TV and Radio ads, we created a co-branded style 30-sec format that allowed us to share the media cost with exhibitors – ultimately providing excellent value to everyone involved.

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