Cats Pyjamas Rent A Rack

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Cats Pyjamas Rent-A-Rack is a Preloved Fashion Store located on Magill Rd. They are committed to promoting sustainable fashion practices by supporting the sale of second-hand fashion items.

They offer a rent-a-rack system that allows clients to sell their no longer required clothing by hiring a rack for several weeks. It’s a thoughtful way of saying farewell to those much-loved clothes that you no longer require.

Cats Pyjamas already had a logo, which we extended with a comprehensive colour pallet. We sourced a range of graphics and images to create a comprehensive brand identity for the business.

We then created a simple but fun website that allowed customers and clients to learn about the business and log on to the client portal to set up the rack rental information. The brand positioning was a pleasant distraction from the many serious projects that we typically work on.

We loved working with Pink, Cats and lots of Paws!

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