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Beautiful Everyday Kitchenware

Cook Sharply is an Adelaide-based business that is the exclusive reseller of Rada Knives in Australia and New Zealand. Brainier created a brand identity, arranged product photography and designed their website.

Most of our websites are built with WordPress, and for 90% of our clients, this CMS is the perfect platform. However, if the website is 100% focused on eCommerce, we feel that a dedicated platform like Shopify can do a better job. In particular the management of order processing, invoicing and shipping. So, when we set up the website for Cook Sharply, this was our recommendation. We find the platform easy to design and develop within.

We cheated for most of the product photography. Using top-down images, we sourced a wide variety of lifestyle images from the same top-down perspective. Using Photoshop, we created dozens of lifestyle images that looked fantastic on the website and cost a fraction of arranging the shots in a studio.

This process also allowed us to easily create a consistent flow of new content for social media posts, print and digital advertising. As part of the project, Brainier also created printed brochures, business cards and stickers.

The fact that Rada, the US-based manufacturer, redesigned their website based on the Australian Reseller (i.e. they copied it..) says everything about the quality and style of the eCommerce website design done by Brainier Brands.

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