Chris Otto Photographer

Brand. Website. Hosting.

We have used Chris Otto for many of our commercial photographer requirements over the years. So when he returned to us and requested that we help him update his website, we were delighted.

As a commercial photographer based in Adelaide, Chris works with advertising agencies, marketing departments, designers and directly with businesses to create images that tell a story and make them look their best. Over the last 30-plus years, he has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide in almost every industry.

The first question we asked was – is this website there to show your photography, or is it to sell your services?

It’s all about the business, was the reply.

We decided to revisit the standard photography website, intertwined the traditional “about us” section into the whole site, and focused on how he tailors his services to each industry category. As part of the process, we created a wordmark and elegant picture frame template to be used when presenting his images for promotional purposes.

Also by completely random luck the domain became available part way during the project! Someone was looking out for him.

Traditional gallery websites for photography are often notoriously slow to load. We designed each category page to load only one header image initially. The next featured image is then lazy loaded, followed by the images gallery. Most of the loading occurs just below the fold, ensuring a smooth experience for the viewer. Each gallery randomly shows about two dozen images but contains over forty, providing a unique experience every time a viewer revisits the page.

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