Maxiblock Sunscreen

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The Maxiblock story started back in the 1970s in Western Australia. While the brand never attained perfect distribution across Australia, it had a solid reputation in several states with consistent sales. 

Thibaut Mortier took over the business in about 2015, and his family has worked tirelessly to evolve the brand and improve distribution. With over 15 years of experience in Sunscreen and Skincare, Brainier Brands worked with Maxiblock for several years on all aspects of their marketing.

Our initial project was to help them to update their packaging and create a sales presentation for a meeting with Chemist Warehouse. Working with Adelaide-based Graphic Designer Brighter, we updated their packaging and created a range of Maxiblock product creatives. Brighter did a fantastic job of responding to a short time frame. Product renders were created by Macromedia in WA.

Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry (and a background in physiology and pharmacology) gives us the edge in getting our heads around technical-orientated marketing. Over the years, we have worked on hundreds of packaging projects and developed dozens of sales presentations for national buyers in Pharmacy and FMCG.

For Maxiblock, we worked on the brand hierarchy, refreshed the names and developed the key claims made by each product, we also briefed designers and creatives to ensure that graphics matched each product’s target market. 

Over the years, we worked as an external CMO for the Maxiblock brand and a range of other skincare concepts that Thibaut was looking to release in Australia. Areas such as website development, digital marketing and technical blog writing were also covered. Outsourcing the marketing overcomes one of the critical small business marketing challenges faced – choosing to employ a dedicated marketer part-time or manage the marketing as a side-project. We believe our solution is superior to either of these alternatives.

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