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Picture You. Perfect.

Clinic Auriq was created with the vision of becoming Adelaide’s premier destination for comprehensive healthcare and aesthetic solutions. Bringing together Dr Aman Bhinder’s extensive experience in General Practice, expertise in Integrative Medicine, and the leading Aesthetic Treatments to help achieve their clients’ best health and beauty.

Dr Aman Bhinder’s unique approach to health and beauty ensures each patient’s treatment plan at Clinic Auriq is carefully tailored to their unique needs and desired outcomes. Striving to offer the latest technologies and treatments to ensure that they achieve optimal health, well-being, and aesthetic results.

Initially, Brainer was approached to develop a new website for Dr Aman. During discussions, we soon realised that the name for the business and Brand Identity were yet to be finalised. Taking a blank slate approach, we worked collaboratively to develop the name of the company along with a Brand Identity that resonated with Dr Aman’s long-term vision for both her personal brand and that of the new clinic.

Professional photography was taken, and a comprehensive website was developed that provided detailed information on the treatments offered. With a new clinic location in Eastern Adelaide recently opened and the acquisition of a range of cutting-edge Aesthetic medicine equipment, it is exciting to watch the business go from strength to strength.

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