Nestlers Versatile Cladding

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What do you do if you work in home renovations and cannot find the cladding product that meets your requirements? If you’re Mark Nestler from Nestlers Home Improvements, the answer is simple – you develop your own.

It all sounds positive, except it was quite the opposite when Brainier first met Mark. He had signed up with a multinational marketing business. Paying an exorbitant monthly fee and being locked into a three-year contract – all in the middle of a COVID downturn. He managed to get out of the contract but lost his website, email and domain.

So we helped with a fresh start. Fortunately, the domain was available, and in a few weeks, they had a beautiful new website up and running on our Managed WordPress Hosting. A typical scenario with small business marketing is that the business has a logo but nothing else. We help create a Brand Toolkit, including a colour pallet, type, imagery collection and language.

We developed a collection of technical drawings, and simple 3D renders to communicate what each extruded cladding section would look like. A promotional brochure and installation training manual were also developed to support the sales team. We also helped set up their social media accounts – creating graphics and linking them to a business manager and advertising account ready for promotional use.

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