Simply Fierce

Strategy. Brand. Website. Hosting.

Simply Fierce began as the idea of a young girl from a small town in British Columbia, Canada.

Owner Nicole Naziel dreamed of being a global makeup artist and one day developing her own makeup brand. Simply Fierce launched in Canada on September 2018. Soon after, Nicole moved to Adelaide, South Australia to live with her partner and with her moved the Simply Fierce business. She now focuses on the Australian market but has an eye on selling globally.

Brainier was approached to help fix a website that had been developed by an agency back in Canada, feeling that working with a local would be preferable going forward. After a quick review, we noted that the site was residing on a server on the other side of the world (slow..) and using a no longer supported theme (buggy..). Often a redesign is quicker and cheaper than trying to fix an old site.

A key focus of our small business marketing is exploring smart ways to make the most of our clients’ budgets. While most projects do require a professional photo shoot, we can often combine with the clever use of stock images to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Professional photography was organised for all the products, and a new WordPress Website was designed and developed. While our budget dictated the use of stock images for the models, we achieved a high level of consistency throughout the website by carefully matching the image styling and adjusting background colours.

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